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Hi, Im Jeremy! I have a dog named River (aka my best friend), I spend a lot of time outdoors and you can most likely find me doing Muah Thai. My love for cooking began when I was young, but as I grew up, I got caught in the rat race of life. I found myself eating out and over eating more times than I can count. I was tired, my body was beat, and I knew I needed a change. Then I began a journey of discovering what was truly good for my body. I spent several years educating myself about nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices. Once I started making my own food, my entire body and mindset transformed.

Food LITerally changed my life and I want that for others.

One of the biggest challenges I had in my own journey was time management. Planning, prepping + cooking takes an ample amount of time. This got me thinking, how could I help others reach success in their own relationship with food? For people on the go or mom’s who need a little help? Then the idea came to me and Neeley’s Kitchen was born. Now I provide fresh, clean meals for people that are portioned out, cooked, + ready to eat; clean ingredients and never frozen.

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If you want to be Caroline's bestie, bring her Steak + Onions. When she is not preparing excellent food for you, she is outside. The Outsiders Trilogy by F.A. Hershey is her jam. Let's just say she's an intellect. 


If your looking for a fun time, go hang out with Edie. She is not only the nicest person in LKN but her and her husband own an Escape Room. Sunday Funday at Race City Escapes.



Fun fact, Mr. Bill makes custom pinatas during his spare time. No joke, they are a kids dream! He is always smiling, he loves to garden and Italian food has a special place in his heart. 

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Who doesn't love Japanese food? Japanese food is Matt's favorite but his heart belongs to his family. Matt is a stay-at-home dad when he is not at Neeley's Kitchen. The coolest dad on the block.