3 Ways to Enjoy Neeley's Kitchen Egg Salad

Summer is here and that means Boating Season on Lake Norman, Barbecues, Picnics at Jetton Park, and time by the pool!

But busy schedules sometimes get in the way and a quick trip to the grocery store can turn into a 3 hour process. We get it! That’s why our bulk menu is SO convenient for those summer events! Take what’s in your pantry and grab a Neeley’s Kitchen Bulk Egg Salad - then head out the door to the pool! You’d got an easy lunch for kiddos to snack on and best of all you know it is made with ingredients you can trust!

Here’s our favorite 3 ways to enjoy Neeley’s Kitchen Bulk Egg Salad!

1.) On a plate of veggies and crackers! Our favorite crackers to pair with our Neeley’s Kitchen Bulk Egg Salad are Mary’s Gone Crackers and Vans Gluten Free Crackers


2.) Keep it light and add Neeley’s Kitchen Bulk Egg Salad to a small bed of lettuce for an easy lunch! We know keeping your food budget low is ideal, so we love to shop at Aldi’s for produce!


3.) Last but not least, is our Neeley’s Kitchen Egg Salad atop a slice of gluten free bread! Udi’s Brand is a favorite of ours and never disappoints! An easy addition to your snack bag for a boat trip on Lake Norman!


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